What Spirits Are You Mixing With At Home?

//What Spirits Are You Mixing With At Home?

What Spirits Are You Mixing With At Home?

We can’t wait to open our doors again and welcome you for cocktails in Soho, London, but until then it seems that many of you are picking up your own mixology skills.

Spirits Business recently shared the findings of a survey carried out by Bacardi, which revealed that vodka is the most popular spirit you’re using at home to fashion your own cocktails. Some 35 per cent of those questioned said that this is what they’re using.

Close behind was gin, with 33 per cent using this spirit as their base for their cocktail-making experiments, with rum in third place being used by 23 per cent.

Despite this, the most popular cocktail people are making at home is the rum-based mojito. Other popular tipples include pina coladas and margaritas.

Even though you can’t meet up in person, it seems that many of you have been doing a good job of keeping the party spirit alive during these challenging times. Some 31 per cent revealed that they had been part of digital drinks parties with friends.

If you’re among those trying to perfect your cocktail making game, you might find some tips from CN Traveller are useful. The publication recently spoke to some of the world’s top bartenders to find out how you can recreate some of your favourite drinks in the comfort of your own home.

Martin Hudak, a Sydney-based bartender, shared his take on the classic espresso martini, using rum, pineapple juice and almond syrup, along with the obligatory coffee and coffee liqueur of course.

London-based Agostino Perrone, meanwhile, explained how to create the perfect vodka martini in your kitchen. For an extra-dry martini, he recommended using a higher quantity of vodka than vermouth.

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