The Modern Man Drinks Cocktails

//The Modern Man Drinks Cocktails

The Modern Man Drinks Cocktails

Gentleman, it’s 2020. And the modern man no longer just necks pints like a lager lout; he sips cocktails in bars in London Town’s Soho.

Hey, we know—you’re still a man’s man. You could kill a bear with your bare hands. You could rescue a fair maiden from danger by riding in on horseback and swooping her up with one arm. And you could chop firewood with an axe with in a lumberjack shirt faster than you can say “hipster beard”.

But masculinity is more refined these days, chaps, as recently reported by ITV, who rounded up the Top 50 signs of a modern man. And apparently a modern man has a skincare regime. He’s vigilant about recycling. And he could win a fight—but doesn’t get into them. But above all else? He sips sophisticated drinks, because he’s all about the cocktails.

So what are you going to go for? How about our Clockwork Orange. Beefeater Blood Orange gin, manadrine liqueur, fresh lemon juice, sugar and egg white make this a short, sweet and smooth number (and it’s definitely not directed by Stanley Kubrick).

Or you could go for the Soco Barsteward, a cocktail designed to ‘bring an end to suffering’. Southern Comfort, brandy, lime cordial, ginger beer and angostura bitters make for a Tiki-inspired long and refreshing drink.

Or perhaps you’ll plug for Tommy’s Margarita, a sweeter take on the classic. Olmeca Reposado tequila, fresh lime juice and agave, served on the rocks—just as Tommy intended it.

If you’d like to learn how to make your own cocktails, give us a shout about our bespoke cocktail masterclasses. All the modern men are doing it.

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