The History Of Happy Hour!

//The History Of Happy Hour!

The History Of Happy Hour!

We’re so glad to be able to welcome you all back for happy hour and cocktails here at Soho bar Jimi Loves Gloria, finally after a long, hard lockdown for us all. You’ve all earned your drinks, that’s for sure and certain!

But have you ever thought about where the term ‘happy hour’ came from and when it was first used? You might be surprised at what an illustrious history this particular turn of phrase enjoys.

Well, according to Bustle, it seems as though the first we hear of happy hour is in Shakespeare, referring to a time of entertainment and merriment in King Henry V, written in around 1599.

King Henry himself says: “Therefore, my lords, omit no happy hour / That may give furtherance to our expedition.” And if it’s good enough for a king, it’s definitely good enough for us!

It was also used as slang by the US Navy during the first world war and through the 1920s, referring to organised entertainment on ships like boxing and wrestling matches.

And during prohibition, happy hour was the term used to mean meeting for secret drinks before having dinner at a restaurant, one way of getting around the system.

Now, of course, it’s come to mean a few hours of discounted drinks over the course of an evening and it’s a brilliant way to blow off some steam after work… and we’re now allowed to do this out and about, so we hope to see you all soon at the Jimi Loves Gloria bar, enjoying your favourite cocktails with us once again!

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