Should You Pre-Batch Cocktails?

//Should You Pre-Batch Cocktails?

Should You Pre-Batch Cocktails?

With all the bars closed due to the lockdown, many of us have taken to YouTube for cocktail making masterclasses so we can learn to make our favourite drinks. But the real drawback is that once you’ve drunk that one, you’ve got to go and make another!

Pre-batched cocktails have been a trend behind bars for some years, especially for some drinks that take a little more time to mix, and on a busy night, with customers packed in the bar, no one wants to be waiting for ages for their drinks. So why not take a page from the professional’s book, and start batch making your cocktails at home?

One of the immediate benefits of batch preparing your cocktails is the larger margins for error that can be made. After all, most of us aren’t professional mixologists.

If you’re making a single drink, and mess up the measures, even slightly, it can taste all wrong. But if you’re mixing a litre of cocktail, that little slip up is not going to make as much of a difference to your cocktail.

Of course, the more accurate you are with your measures, the better it is. But a lot of that comes with practice. There is also room to experiment a little with different flavours, adding a little at a time that in a single drink would be much trickier to do.

Neither is it rocket science to get your favourite cocktail recipes and scale them up. Be aware, though, that drinks with fruit juices are the best drunk on the same day they’re made, while drinks such as Old Fashioneds, Martinis, and Negronis can be stored in the fridge or freezer almost indefinitely.

And the main benefit? You’ll not lose track on whatever Netflix binge you’re indulging in while you have to go and mix a fresh new drink!

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