Cocktail Glasses Make Us Drink More

//Cocktail Glasses Make Us Drink More

Cocktail Glasses Make Us Drink More

Certain cocktails demand certain glassware to serve it in, otherwise, it just doesn’t seem right, or even taste right! But researchers have found out that the shape of the glass for our favourite tipple can affect how much and how quickly we drink it!

According to the Daily Mail, scientists discovered that drinkers with outward sloping cocktail glasses drank 30 per cent more than those with straight-sided glasses.

Apparently, it’s all due to the way we sip from the glasses, and the shape of the martini glass makes it so much easier to take large gulps.

The study was conducted by scientists from Cambridge University, and while they only tested their theories with soft drinks (or so they say…), they believe it applies to boozy drinks too.

The thirsty scholars studied the drinking habits of students and faculty staff. Over a period of ten minutes, drinkers downed 30 per cent more from cocktail glasses, and while they then slowed down, they still consumed more than those with straight-sided highball glasses.

Lead author of the study published in Scientific Reports, Dr Tess Langfield said: “We wanted to look at the impact of a drinking glass, and in particular its shape. We found people drank around 70ml less when drinking from a flute glass rather than a martini one.”

Following that, Dr Langfield and her team studied how people’s lips were pursed when they sipped from a variety of glasses. By placing electrodes on test subjects lips, they saw that those with straight-sided glasses tended to sip smaller amounts.

Not that we are suggesting you visit our Soho cocktail bar to test out the team’s theories for yourself, but should you have a thirst you need to quench… just please drink responsibly!

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