Cinnamon – A Top Cocktail Ingredient For Autumn

//Cinnamon – A Top Cocktail Ingredient For Autumn

Cinnamon – A Top Cocktail Ingredient For Autumn

Now that the weather has started to turn and the leaves are fading from green to brown, it’s time to move away from all those tropical summery drinks and turn your attention to more autumnal flavours… and what could be more appropriate at this time of year than a soupcon of cinnamon here and there?

The good news for cocktail fans is that cinnamon is a bit of a wonder ingredient when it comes to fancy drinks, so you’ll find yourself very spoiled for choice indeed. You could have a different drink every day over the next few months, if you so choose!

But where to begin? What about a spiked pumpkin spice latte to set you on the path to greatness, a drink that calls for bourbon, coffee, pumpkin spice syrup, Baileys, whipped cream, pimento bitters and ground cinnamon. It sounds entirely delicious to us.

Or you could try a cinnamon maple whiskey sour if you’re looking for an autumnal twist on an old classic. You’ll need bourbon, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and ground cinnamon – all store cupboard essentials that you are sure to find at home.

And if you’re after a dessert cocktail to wow guests with over the next few weeks, you could always try an apple strudel cocktail on for size. You’ll need vodka, scotch, apple schnapps liqueur, dry vermouth, apple juice and cinnamon syrup… and this drink certainly sounds like it packs a bit of a punch.

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