Advice For Hosting A Fun Virtual Cocktail Party

//Advice For Hosting A Fun Virtual Cocktail Party

Advice For Hosting A Fun Virtual Cocktail Party

We know, we know, all those Zoom chats are getting a bit samey now. We’re missing having a bit more variety than our living rooms too, but there are ways that you can jazz up your virtual gatherings with your mates.

One suggestion that we love is throwing a stylish virtual cocktail party. Forbes recently put together an article explaining how to do exactly that and we’re all in.

Firstly, you have to set the tone and that means sending out invites. We’re not talking about a group WhatsApp message, we mean actual invitations (albeit virtual ones). Have some fun designing them though and be creative.

Don’t forget to set a dress code for your virtual gathering – it’s a great excuse to get out of your sweats and put on something a bit nicer for the evening. You can also change your Zoom background to make it a little more stylish than your living room wall.

To make sure that you’re all sipping on a fancy tipple when the time comes, send out a simple cocktail recipe in advance. Make sure you also include a mocktail option for those who might not fancy booze. You can coordinate food too if that appeals.

Finally, set the mood and enjoy some virtual time on the dance floor together by creating a Spotify playlist for the evening and sending it to all of your guests in advance. That way you can all enjoy a similar atmosphere, even if you’re all at home.

If you discover that your cocktail skills could use some work, sign up for a cocktail masterclass at one of our Soho bars, when lockdown is lifted fully of course.

According to a recent survey by Bacardi, many people have been practicing their mixology with vodka, with gin the second most popular spirit and rum the third.

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