4 Indulgent Chocolate Cocktails

//4 Indulgent Chocolate Cocktails

4 Indulgent Chocolate Cocktails

Easter may have just been and gone, but you know what they say – you never have too much chocolate! So just in case you didn’t overindulge over the holiday or you just have an incredibly insatiable sweet tooth, we thought we’d find some delicious and very indulgent chocolate cocktails for you to try this evening.

If you want to really finish a big family lunch off in serious style, what about serving up this cocktail that can be found over on The Spruce Eats… it’s called Death by Chocolate, so you know it’s going to be great!

Alcohol-wise, it has coffee liqueur, vodka and creme de cacao in it, but you’ll also need whipped cream, chocolate syrup and chocolate ice cream. Delicious!

They say that drinking a hot drink before you go to bed can really help you sleep, so what about a yummy salted caramel rum hot chocolate? That should do the trick? You’ll need dark rum, dulce de leche, milk and some milk chocolate… perfection in a glass.

Looking for some fancy-pants cocktail shots to serve on Friday night? What about these chocolate cake versions that feature hazelnut liqueur, vanilla vodka and some sugar and lemon for the rim of the glass and some garnish.

And for something with a bit of a kick, try these jalapeno chocolate margaritas. It seems you need to simmer your jalapenos in some chocolate syrup for 20 minutes or so, so if you’re looking for a quick cocktail fix this isn’t it… but they’re sure to be worth the wait. Let us know how they taste!

Don’t forget to come and say hi to us here at Soho cocktail bar Jimi Loves Gloria once lockdown is over.

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